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Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 1 the Basics
Desmond King
Japan Style: Architecture Interiors Design
Geeta Mehta;Kimie Tada;Noboru Murata
Mark Twain: A Life
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

Really outdated style book with little to recommend it.

Japanese Accents in Western Interiors - Peggy Landers Rao;Jean Mahoney

1987.  Not a date that inspires a huge amount of style for any decór, much less integrating Japanese sensibilities into a house design. What results in this book is a really terrible combination of ostentatious furniture with subtle (overwhelmed) Japanese elements. I found myself wishing the western elements in the photos were removed so I could actually focus on the elements like the tansu, shoji, and tatami mats. This book left me wishing I had saved my money and I literally spent $0.32 plus shipping for it!